Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Friday Drop-In Class

Join Lauren and Jennifer every Friday for a Nonviolent Communication drop in class! This ongoing offering is 10am-12pm at the Chico Peace and Justice Center. Learn and practice authentic expression, empathy, and conflict mediation skills. Designed for beginners to intermediate level.

Free Introduction to

Compassionate Communication 
with Jonah Richman

"These new skills I have learned have helped me confront conflict much earlier, making it easier to move through. Jonah is confident and professional."
~ Stephanie Elliott 

"Jonah’s NVC class has helped me deepen my self-awareness and skills in putting NVC principles into practice."
~ Charlene

"I feel grateful for Jonah’s presence and his teaching style. He is so patient and stays connected with the class. I appreciated the safety I felt."
~ Sierra Chik

** Transform emotionally charged conflict into warm-hearted problem solving
** Overcome fear of speaking up for your needs and asking for what you really want. 
** In the face of pain and disagreement learn how to stay calm and self-aware.
** Find support and connection in a classroom of like minded people who are willing to be honest and real.

Next Free Introduction
When: Thursday, April 10, 2014, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Where: GRUB Cooperative's new Community Center, 1525 Dayton Rd. Chico, Ca. 

Contact Jonah Richman for information
jonah.mediation@gmail.com (530) 588-0116

Visit Jonah at Speakingcompassion.com