Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Empathy for Connection and Healing

4 Week Series on Empathy and Active Listening
Based on Compassionate Communication (aka Nonviolent Communication)

Grub Cooperative 1525 Dayton Rd, Chico CA

~ Learn techniques for building trust and deepening relationships

~ Experience how empathy can bring warmth to our emotional pain and/or clarity to confusion

~ Spend a month in a safe and authentic environment and come out feeling warm hearted towards all those around you.

Cost: Sliding Scale $35 - $65
(Students repeating level 1: discounted price: $25)

FREE TRIAL: If you are unsure if this series is for you, you are welcome to come the the first class as a free trial. Please still register.

Upcoming Dates

Mar 28 - Apr 18
Saturdays ~ 4 Weeks ~ 4pm-6pm
GRUB Cooperative 1525 Dayton Rd, Chico CA

To Register contact Jonah 
jonah.mediation@gmail.com   530.588.0116

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Heart of Conflict

10 Week Series on Embracing and Transforming Difficult Conversations
  • Overcome habits of freezing or losing control during conflict
  • Learn powerful techniques for managing the flight/fight/freeze response
  • Create a more peaceful world one conversation at a time

Cost: Sliding Scale $80 - $140
(Students repeating level 2: Discounted price: $60)

Upcoming Dates

Mar 5 to May 7
Thursdays - 10 Weeks ~ 6pm-8pm
GRUB Cooperative 1525 Dayton Rd, Chico CA

Contact Jonah for more information
jonah.mediation@gmail  530.588.0116