Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Empathy Training for Men

Free Workshop

January 23rd, 1pm-5pm

Create more intimacy and presence in your love life.

Develop rapport and connection with colleagues and clients.
Offer meaningful support to friends going through a difficult time. Empathy Training for Men Free Introduction will give you an opportunity to:

·Experience a group of men willing to be vulnerable, real, and powerful together.

·Heal shame around your sexuality, identity as a man, or for having difficulties in your life.
·Come home and instantly relate to your partner, love interests, friends, colleagues, and clients in a new way.
·Learn more about the 5 month committed training for men.

Be ready to be challenged and enlightened.

These four hours might change your life.

with Jonah Richman

Register for this free event at www.jonahrichman.com or call 530-588-0116